Zionism Runs The World

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When Theodor Herzl convened the first zionist congress in Basle, Switzerland, in 1897, tt was believed that a plan for world colonization of Jews was intended. It was not learned until years later that the meeting discussed a plan for world conquest. That plan is outlined in the Protocols of the Learned Elders of Zion; and it has been fully carried out.
The world is ruled by zionism. The United Nations is the symbol of its authority. It is the super government outlined in the Protocols.
Before Herzl, zionism was a spiritual dream. The old orthodox Jew who longed to be buried in Palestine was regarded as a zionist. Political zionism was unknown. Since Herzl, zionism became the instrument for the fulfillment of the protocol plan for world conquest. Virtually all that has happened, to the human race since Herzl is traceable to that plan. Virtually all that has happened to the United States is due to zionism.
In 1904, Kuhn, Loeb & Co. financed Japan against Russia. In 1905, there was rebellion in the Russian navy. In 1910, Jacob H. Schiff demanded that President Taft abrogate our passport treaty with Russia. In 1917, Schiff, Warburg and their associates, financed Trotsky
and Lenin who overthrew the Russian government. Their revolutionary followers murdered the Czar and his family and millions of persons in the Ukraine.
When Germany and Britain went to war in 1914, Woodrow Wilson was President. He was re-elected in 1916 on the slogan, “He kept us out of war.” In 1917, the United States entered the war on the side of Great Britain after Prime Minister Balfour signed his famous
“declaration” about Palestine and after Zionist headquarters was moved from Germany to England. The late Louis D. Brandeis OK’d the Balfour declaration. He was a leading zionist and a U.S. Supreme Court Judge.
Zionism was heavily represented at the Peace conference in Paris, at the signing of the Treaty in Versailles, and at the formation of the League of Nations at the Hague. Frankfurter, related to Brandeis, and Raymond Fosdick, representing the Rockefellers, were there.
The League confirmed concessions of water power and Dead Sea chemicals to Russian and British subjects, previously given by Turkey.
Once established in Russia, bolshevism spread to other countries. Trotsky wanted world revolution. Lenin wanted America bankrupt. The first step towards bolshevizing the United
States was the organization of a communist cell in Michigan, which was raided by the FBI in 1922. Frankfurter and his cohorts filed charges against the FBI and Hoover.
Another manifestation of zionist power occurred when Putnams wanted to publish the Protocols, which wore published in England in 1920. They were firmly told by Louis Mar-
shall, attorney for Kuhn, Loeb & Co. and head of the American Jewish Committee, that they should not do it. They junked the plates which were later published by others.
In 1932, the Lindbergh baby was kidnapped. Lindbergh was against Roosevelt for President. Frankfurter and his gang were promoting FDR’s nomination. Hauptman was a German

Roosevelt recognized the communist government in Russia in November, 1933, in spite of vigorous opposition. Some of those who opposed died suddenly. “They’ll never got me out of the white house,” said FDR.
Communists began to overrun the United States after the recognition. Frankfurter shoved many of them into key positions in the government. Frankfurter and Baruch ran FDR. Baruch declared he was a zionist.
“We must have anti-semitism even if we sacrifice some of our own people,” say the Protocols. Zionism has been sacrificing Jews for years and is still doing it. Leading Jews financed Hitler, Mussolini and Stalin besides Trotsky and Lenin.
Leading Jews also helped finance the prosecution of native American Christians who were against communism and Roosevelt, in 1944. I defended one of them in Washington,
D.C. Frankfurter was behind Rogge, the prosecutor. One of the newspapers which started to publicize the prosecution, was PM, a New York City daily, of which Julius Rosenwald and
Chester Bowles were among the principal owners.
When the paper failed, Louis Styx Weiss, a zionist lawyer, continued it as the Star, with the money of Marshall Field. Joe Barnes was editor and Hartley Crum, Publisher, both left wingers. Barnes is credited with having written or edited Eisenhower’s book “Crusade in Europe.” Crum recently renounced Communism.
The Weiss family has been active in zionist-communist matters. Weiss’s sister, Carol Weiss King, was a leading communist lawyer. The Weiss law firm defended Marshall Field and the defunct PM in my libel suit. Of course, I couldn’t win. The Zionists used a Catholic judge from upstate New York, a Catholic cardinal in New York City, and my own Jewish lawyer, to defeat me.
One member of Weiss’s firm is a trustee of the Institute of Advanced Study at Princeton, headed by Albert Einstein and J. Robert Oppenheimer. One of the trustees of that institute testified as the only character witness for Carlo Marzani of the State Department and OSS, convicted of perjury in denying he was a communist.
Zionists actively oppose investigations of communists in government, like the late FDR did, and they own newspapers and control radio and television commentators. Baruch has many press agents; so has Frankfurter. All of which winds up in the answer given by Waldo
Frank in the February, 1944 issue of the Contemporary Jewish Record, published by the American Jewish Committee, leading Jewish authority, where he says:
There is a “great Jew conspiracy.”
Based on the “dream for messianic world power” and that “Political zionism is the instrument for its fulfillment”
The protocols have been fulfilled. Zionism rules the world. It created the second world war because Hitler double crossed the Jewish and Christian money gang that gave him one hundred million dollars and it will start a third world war if necessary to completely enslave
the people as stated in the protocols.

Stalin turned on zionism and died. Russian delegates to the Zionist super government continue to hobnob and fraternize with American delegates and Russia still dominates the United Nations with its veto power. The Nuremberg trials killed off German leaders and the Morgenthau plan buried Germany and gave Russia our money plates. Baruch wants Russia
to share the A and H bombs.
Zionism is not Judaism. It is a terroristic political program. Palestine is not a refuge for poor Jews. It is an investment for about 1500 American stockholders in the Palestine Economic Corporation and the chemical trust of England, that owns nearly everything of value there. A million Jews were driven there to protect these properties.
Zionism doesn’t mean Palestine alone. It means the United States and the world.

Zionism and Slavery Versus Americanism And Freedom

That is the issue that confronts the people of the United States. It is peaceful constitutional government or terroristic United Nations government. The United Nations is zionism.
It is the super government mentioned many times in the Protocols of the Learned Elders of Zion, promulgated between 1897 and 1905.
Zionism is a political program for the conquest of the world. Zionist leaders control the United States, Great Britain, France, Russia and other countries of Europe and they are using communism to control the rest of the world. They control the atomic and hydrogen
bombs. The United States finances world zionism. We support the UN, the international bank, Palestine and many other countries. Our wealth has been scattered to the four winds to satisfy Zionist and money gang purposes.
The aim of zionism is to enslave the people. That is clearly stated in the Protocols, which were written by Theodor Herzl or Asher Ginsberg, backed by the Rothschilds. They breathe
hatred of Christianity and have been handed down in different forms since Jesus revolted against the Sanhedrin.
We have the same story today. Jewish leaders are mad with power and with inordinate wealth extracted from gullible Jews.
We are living under the Protocol plan. Roosevelt, Truman and Elsenhower were and are tools and victims of zionism. The Rockefellers and others of great wealth are also under zionist control.
Zionism destroyed Russia by violence as a warning to other nations. It is destroying the United States through bankruptcy, as Lenin advised.
Zionism wants another world war if necessary to enslave the people. Our manpower is scattered over the world. Will we be destroyed from within or will we wake up in time to prevent it?

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