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Did They ELIMINATE Jeffrey Epstein’s CLONE Jeffrey Epstein or is it Jefferey Epstein? A wild speculation is going around that the Jeffrey Epstein that committed suicide or just got outright murdered was a clone of Epstein and not the real Epstein himself. The flight logs from the Lolita express show the name Jeffrey Epstein and Jefferey Epstein on it so who is who? 

Pinocchio the beloved Disney character could be based of the story of Epstein and his pleasure / pedophile Island as many references made in Pinocchio have similarities with the whole Epstein case. It seems that there is an ongoing attack on Christianity as we speak. Churches are being vandalized and burned by anarchists and satanists. Are we living in the End Times or Revelations from the Bible? A Doctor specialized in vaccines has stated on video that aborted fetal tissue is used in the making of vaccinations. More articles keep popping up about blood transplants to keep people young with blood from children. Is this a coincidence? 

Chrissy Teigen seems to be under fire because of her associations with Epstein and her tweets about little babies and children in a sexual way. She has als deleted over more than 60 thousand tweets which is highly suspicious. The children’s book Secret Pizza Party seems to be full of pedophilia references and just creepy story telling to say the least. Why would a pizza party be a secret to begin with? What is in the COVID-19 vaccine and how is the testing going? 

A video I found describes what the true plan is with the Coronavirus vaccination and how they will put nano particles into our bloodstream to be hooked up to A.I. (Artificial Intelligence). Creepy stuff. 

And is Michelle Obama a transgender? Joan Rivers seems to think so. I heard people talking while I was at the Efteling theme park in the Netherlands about the whole Wayfair childtrafficking thing which makes me think that the Great Awakening is well underway more and more people are waking up! WWG1WGA 

The most important video you’ll ever watch. :… 

Secret Pizza Party Book:…


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COVID Reference

Six weeks after the third edition, the world has changed again.
The pandemic is raging in South America, particularly in Brazil,
Ecuador and Peru. SARS-CoV-2 is under control in China, but in
Iran it is not. And in Europe, where most countries have weathered
the first wave and open borders to save a compromised tourist season, is now wondering if and for how long this biological
drôle de guerre could last.

Science has moved ahead, too. We have seen a more complex
picture of COVID-19 and new clinical syndromes; the first data
from vaccine trials; first results from randomized controlled
drug studies; encouraging publications on monoclonal neutralizing antibodies and serological evidence about the number of people who have come into contact with SARS-CoV-2. Unfortunately, we have also seen the first science scandal with fake data published in highly ranked journals. And we face new challenges like long-term effects of COVID-19 and a Kawasaki-like inflammatory multisystem syndrome in children.

For quite some time, prevention will continue to be the primary
pillar of pandemic control. In future waves of the SARS-CoV-2
pandemic, we will focus on the conditions under which SARSCoV-
2 is best transmitted: crowded, closed (and noisy) places and
spaces. Although hospitals are not noisy, they are crowded and
closed, and the battle against the new coronavirus will be decided
at the very center of our healthcare system. Over the next
months and maybe years, one of all of our top priorities will be
to give all healthcare workers and patients perfect personal protective equipment.

The HPV Vaccine: An Ethical Dilemma

In 2014 there were numerous reports of mass hysteria and mystery illnesses spreading around the small town of El Carmen De Bolivar, Colombia. According to an article published by CBS, there was a steady increase of young women being hospitalized in this small town, all of which reported the same symptoms of fainting, numbness and tingling of the hands and feet, and headaches. Speculations about the Gardasil vaccination arose, but were disregarded by the mayor of the town stating that “there is no evidence the vaccine, which has undergone extensive testing and regulation is to blame” (CBS, 2014). According to this statement, he is not necessarily wrong, because the clinical trials of this vaccine have been proven to have misleading conclusions due to errors in the study design.