The Tragic Story Of Colton Berrett

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Colton Berrett was an active, energetic young boy. He enjoyed playing sports, riding his dirt bike, and doing anything that involved an adrenaline rush. That was before a reaction to the HPV vaccine ruined his life.

Colton had planned on going to scout camp. To attend, he needed to receive a physical examination. When he was 13 years old, his parents brought him into the doctor to get a physical. The doctor recommended that Colton receive the HPV vaccine. When his mother asked why, he said “It can prevent cancer. And even if he’s not promiscuous, he can still give it to his wife when he gets married.” Colton’s mother Kathleen accepted this reasoning and decided to get him the shot.

Typically, people will receive 3 doses of the HPV vaccine spread out over 6 or more months. About two weeks after the third dose, Colton began experiencing a severe neck ache. His mother told him to take an ibuprofen and go to school.

The next day, he went riding with his Dad. He had finally upgraded to a “big boy bike”. Little did anyone know, that would be his last time on a dirt bike. When Colton returned home, he was extremely pale and still had a neck ache. They figured he would sleep it off, and decided to see how he felt in the morning.

The next morning, he had grown so weak that he couldn’t even lift himself out of bed. When he asked his mother for a drink, they discovered he could no longer move his right arm. When he attempted to sit up and grab the drink, he flopped back onto the bed and was unable to move. His mother said she instantly thought Colton was paralyzed, but was afraid to tell him because she didn’t want to scare him. It was very late at night, so they waited until the morning to bring him to the Instant Care.

On the morning of February 17th, 2014 Colton’s father walked him into the Instacare, holding his head up for him because he couldn’t get out of bed and still was unable to use his right arm. They instantly transferred him to the Primary Children’s Hospital in Salt Lake, about an hour away, and began doing tests.

The MRI showed inflammation in Colton’s spinal cord from the C1 vertebrae to the T12 vertebrae (visual aid below). The initial diagnosis was acute longitudinal transverse myelitis.

After hearing that he received the HPV vaccine on February 1st, the hospital (responsibly) reported the reaction to VAERS (Vaccine Adverse Effects Reporting System).

Colton Barrett’s MRI. The white line going down the middle is the inflammation in his spinal cord.

Colton remained in the hospital for 88 long days. Over these days, his paralysis spread, leaving him nearly completely paralyzed from the neck down. The doctors warned that he would be unable to breathe, and decided to intubate him. This left him unable to speak to his parents. I can only imagine how scary that had to be for him.

Colton at the hospital. He was unable to communicate. Before the paralysis spread, he was able to give thumbs up and thumbs down responses. Later, it got to the point where he was wiggling his eyebrows to give yes or no answers.

When Colton finally left the hospital, his life was never the same. Eventually, through rigorous rehabilitation he regained his leg and core strength; but his right arm remained completely paralyzed, and his left arm had minimal functionality. He remained connected to a 15 lb. breathing apparatus 24/7, which his mother described as a “literal ball and chain for him”.

He could no longer play sports. He was relegated to sitting on the sidelines and watching others play the sports that he loved. He felt like his breathing apparatus was “annoying” to others. Eventually, he began attending school full time again, but he needed a great deal of assistance to get through the days. He recalled fun times driving his RZR off road vehicle, skiing, and camping. He said he appreciated his best friends standing by him through these tough times. He donned a headband that said “Caught U Staring” and thought it was funny to see people’s reactions when they knew they’d been staring. His little brother Gavin had to pick up on all the chores he was unable to do anymore. This was Colton’s “new normal.”

The doctor who administered the shot to Colton stopped has since ceased recommending it to boys. Colton said “that’s good that he’s not doing it to boys, but lots of girls can still get hurt.”

“I was so naive to whatever the medical doctor said. He’s the one that went to school, he know’s the best; so of course you’re going to do what they recommend. And so that’s what I did. He’s been his doctor his whole life. He’s been my doctor since I was a teenager. I still trust him in a lot over things… now when it comes to the vaccines, I don’t trust anybody,” said Kathleen. 

When asked if he harbored anger about the situation, Colton responded “I don’t really burst out that much… I kind of just keep it to myself. I don’t really like to complain. I am angry that they’re still giving out the vaccine; angry that people are getting hurt. It’s a joke. You’ve gotta do your research. You can’t just trust the doctor anymore.”

On January 5, 2018 tragedy struck the Berrett family. Colton, no longer wanting to feel like a burden on his friends and family, took his own life. This is an absolutely heartbreaking story, and one that is much more common than the big-pharma sponsored mainstream media outlets would like you to think. If doctors were not coerced into pushing dangerous products like Gardasil on to the uninformed public, many lives, including Colton Berrett’s, could be spared.

When the media discusses parents who are hesitant, or refuse, to vaccinate their children, they portray them as irresponsible, anti-science parents who are putting their children’s health at risk. They portray them as quacks or conspiracy theorists. They never portray them as what they are: ex-vaxxers who fully supported vaccines until their (or a loved ones) life was forever altered by a negative reaction. They never portray them as intelligent parents or citizens who have done their own research and are aware of the truth about vaccines. They don’t portray them that way because they are not paid to tell the truth, they are paid to advertise.

Next time you see someone laughing at a joke about anti-vax babies dying, or ridiculing others for questioning these liability free, for profit, medical products; remember the tragic story of Colton Berrett.


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