The CIA Created The Term “Conspiracy Theorist” To Silence Critics Of JFK Assassination

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This is an official CIA report written in 1967 titled “Countering the Criticisms of the Warren Report”

The U.S. was worried about people questioning the JFK assassination and this is how they dealt with it.

There are a few important things to point out about this.

Part 3 basically says not to bring the assassination up. Reply if someone brings it up, but follow these guidelines to script your response.

Part 3a, describes the first action recommended to respond to ANY question challenging the official narrative.
It says only to bring it up with “liaison and friendly elite contacts”. (Newspapers, TV News stations, politicians etc.)

Part3b literally states to “employ propaganda assets to answer and refute the critics”.
In response to anyone who dares to question the official narrative, be sure paint the image that all critics are
1: wedded to theories adopted before the evidence was in.
2: politically interested
3: financially interested
4: hasty and inaccurate in their research
5: infatuated with their own theories

So part 3 says, “hey, don’t bring this up unless it’s with people who have vested interests in agreeing with the official narrative. Wouldn’t want someone that’s not paid by us to connect the dots and reveal the truth.
When anyone who isn’t paid by us questions, DO NOT RESPOND TO THEIR CLAIMS, or look into their validity. They are communist propaganda. Do not debate them or give them a chance to elaborate on their points though.”

This same strategy is used against anything questioning what the mainstream media says on any/every controversial issue.

That’s why I don’t believe anything at all from the mainstream media; and it’s also why I find it so sad to see many of my friends and family eating up their propaganda and parroting the views word for word as if they’re their own.

Think for yourself, or they’ll subconsciously program you to think whatever benefits them and keeps those in power from losing it.

The whole report is linked here. Make your own assertions about what you read, but the information is there for anyone who may be interested.

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