Declassified Email From #SusanRice implicates herself in DOJ Investigation

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ICYMI: Here’s the newly Declassified #SusanRice email she sent to herself documenting her #WhiteHouse meeting with #BarackObama and #JamesComey on January 5th 2017. I’m not particularly a legal expert (if you are feel free to chime in) but this doesn’t look good to me. #BarackObama’s administration was withholding information from the Trump transition team in an effort to sabotage his Presidency from the very start. I know no liberal would dare admit that Obama ever did anything wrong here, but this is a pretty unprecedented thing to do. Ongoing spying from an outgoing #POTUS on the incoming POTUS—directed by Obama himself—its never happened before in the 243 years of our nation’s history. Obama is the most well-spoken thug ever. I remember Obama smiling and having a great time with #DonaldTrump on Inauguration Day. Little did we know what was going on behind the scenes. So much for the peaceful transition of power. Nice going, Barry. #obamagate

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The HPV Vaccine: An Ethical Dilemma

In 2014 there were numerous reports of mass hysteria and mystery illnesses spreading around the small town of El Carmen De Bolivar, Colombia. According to an article published by CBS, there was a steady increase of young women being hospitalized in this small town, all of which reported the same symptoms of fainting, numbness and tingling of the hands and feet, and headaches. Speculations about the Gardasil vaccination arose, but were disregarded by the mayor of the town stating that “there is no evidence the vaccine, which has undergone extensive testing and regulation is to blame” (CBS, 2014). According to this statement, he is not necessarily wrong, because the clinical trials of this vaccine have been proven to have misleading conclusions due to errors in the study design.

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