Pizzagate Is Not A Hoax, Look Into The Evidence

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Many people assume that pizzagate is an “alt-right” hoax. They say it’s been “repeatedly debunked”, yet they never delve into the evidence. They’ll tell you that some lunatic ran into a childrens pizza place with a gun. They’ll tell you that he did this because of conspiracy theories he found online.

They won’t tell you about the creepy pictures of unidentified children on James Alefantis’s Instagram. They won’t tell you about John Podesta’s emails referring to young children in the pool as entertainment; or speaking in obvious codes (handkerchief with a map that seems pizza related?)

To those of you that think Pizzagate is a conspiracy but are open minded and won’t write something off without researching for yourself, ask yourself the following questions:
1) Do you deny these emails are from/to John Podesta? Because even John Podesta doesnt claim they’re inaccurate.
2) If you dont think these messages are laden with secret codes for pedophilia, what do you believe these messages are about?
3) Are you comfortable with 11, 9, and 6 years olds in the pool being referred to as “entertainment” for adults?
4) Have you researched John Podestas ties to top politicians since the 1990s?
5) Have you considered that John Podesta is a small fry and the big fish pose a MUCH more substantial threat to the children of the world than most are able to comprehend?

Full list of John Podestas emails here:

If you’re truly open minded and you’re not going to simply have a knee jerk reaction and write this all off as a “conspiracy”, these are some of the best documentaries I’ve found on the subject. For those that want the red pill, watch one of these documentaries…

Least graphic/most sharable:

Moderately graphic but well presented and sharable:

Disturbing, viewer discretion is advised:

I’ve NEVER met anyone who has actually taken the time to research this that didn’t take it seriously afterwards. If the health and innocence of millions of children’s isn’t worth doing a little extra research and raising awareness; what is?
Do your own research and form your own conclusions.

Anyone care to offer an explanation as to why the Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department badge has a well known pedophile symbol flaunted all over it?
James Alefantis said in a 2015 interview that Comet Pizza had a basement. After the Pizzagate story blew up, he changed his tone. This is a HUGE red flag.

You can’t rely on the media to give you the truth when you know they’re in on protecting the pedophiles. Here’s one more video proving that ABC knew about the Epstein story years before it broke, and did absolutely nothing about it; going as far as squashing the story so it never aired. After massive criticism due to this story dropping, ABC announced a documentary about Jeffrey Epstein signifying that they were in full on damage control mode.

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