Covid-19: Psychological Warfare Against The American People?

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Flashback to March 2020: The “conspiracy theorists” were sounding the alarm bells and warning Americans that “14 days to slow the spread” was merely a talking point. They claimed we would essentially be told to social distance, wear masks, and stay inside as much as possible for the foreseeable future, likely until a vaccine is created and forced on the masses. Most people thought they were crazy. They were willing to comply with these guidelines for 14 days, maybe even a month or two.

Flash Forward to August 2020, and now even many individuals who initially supported the lockdown are fed up and want the world to return to normal. The “conspiracy theorists” have been vindicated.

When the lockdown was initially proposed, the CDC had estimated the death rate to be much higher than it has proven to be. Some projections estimated the death rate to be over 2%, which starkly contrasts new data from the CDC where their current best estimate is .65%, which equates to a 99.35% survival rate. Arguments can be made over how serious the virus may be, but there is no arguing that the lockdowns were, and are, unjustified and based on inaccurate data.

We are now realizing that the economic and social impacts of this lockdown are harming many more individuals than the virus could ever hope to. Suicide rates have increased, millions are out of work and dependent on government assistance to survive, alcoholism and drug abuse are running rampant, and the environment that this lockdown has created is extremely detrimental to individuals with mental health issues (depression, PTSD anxiety, bipolar disorder, etc.)

The question that needs to be asked is: did the politicians and the organizations influencing them to implement these lockdowns have our best interest at heart, or was this a deliberate act of psychological warfare against the American public?

For some background information I’d like to paint the whole picture clearly, and explain how Covid-19 is related afterwards. So, let’s break it down.

Agenda 21/30

The United Nations is very divisive organization. Many people believe we need global cooperation to solve issues, and think the UN is our best shot at sustained peace & stability worldwide. Others view it as a ploy to create a one world government, cashless society, and put all of the power into the hands of bankers, corporations, and corrupt politicians.

If you read the intended goals in Agenda 21/30, you’ll start to see a pattern; the goals are all designed to sound good on paper, but are impossible to accomplish without a drastic reduction in quality of life and individual freedom for the general public.

A few examples:
1 & 3: No poverty and good health worldwide. That sounds nice but it is extremely idealistic. The only way to achieve that end goal would be to kill off the poor, and redistribute wealth from the working class (communism/socialism). They will also use logical fallacies such as “you are only truly healthy if you are vaccinated” in an attempt to morally justify pushing unsafe, liability free vaccines onto the American public, and the world.

This may not be by force, but through coercion. For example, you can’t get on flights without being vaccinated, can’t get a license, can’t go to school, can’t be employed in public settings, etc. They won’t hold you down and force a needle in your arm, but that method achieves the same end result without them having to use force and look like the bad guy.

4: They say “quality education” as if that is what the education system offers. I was raised in American schools, and I can tell you the schools are indoctrination camps designed to tell you how to behave and what to think, not how to think. The intention of the school system is to make sure every child receives at least a solid base of government brainwashing and ‘contributes to society’; not to create critical thinkers or problem solvers.

13: Climate change is one of the biggest go to weapons for some individuals politically. They tell us the world is dying as we speak, the ice caps are melting, the heat is increasing, species are going extinct, and it’s all our fault. We need to change how we live. This part may be debatable, but what is humorous is the proposed solutions. The UN proposes “carbon taxes” to discourage companies from polluting the environment. This means some small businesses will be unable to afford to stay open, but large corporations will keep polluting as much as they do now; they just have to pay a tax. That would do absolutely nothing to stop pollution, it would just allow government cronies pushing a fear based narrative to profit off of corrupt laws.

Here is a great video of Dr. Shiva Ayyadurai, MIT PhD explaining this in depth and breaking down why it was a good move for President Trump to pull out of the Paris Climate Accords.

Agenda 21 & 30 “sustainable development goals are effectively a wolf in sheeps clothing. They make blanket statements and seemingly philanthropic goals and assertions, while offering no practical solutions for the general public. Their goals can essentially be summed up as

  • One world government
  • Cashless, digital, society phasing out human workers
  • Mandatory vaccines
  • Censorship of Dissenting Opinions
  • Profit off of manufactured issues such as climate change
  • Eugenics and population control

Covid-19 Is Their Ultimate Weapon

Many of you have probably heard of Project Bluebeam. Ronald Reagan once said that he believed the entire world would come together as one global community if there was a threat from outer space. Many individuals assumed at some point the US government would use holographic technology to fake an alien invasion as a pretext to invoke a one world government with minimal resistance. After seeing how effectively Covid-19 has been in achieving their goals, the idea of Project Bluebeam seems like child play – a poorly written fan fiction.

This manufactured crisis (plandemic) has advanced virtually every goal of the “elite” extremely rapidly. Cashless society? Look no further than the coin shortage, and the push to avoid using cash for “safety”. Mandatory vaccines? If you think the push for mandatory masks is bad, wait until a vaccine comes out and has a multi million dollar PR campaign sponsoring it. Censorship? Hundreds of thousands of users are being censored for what big tech companies are deeming “dangerous misinformation about Covid-19” even when users are sharing information provided directly by frontline doctors who are working with Covid patients.

And a one world government? The media is attempting to create the narrative that the big bad evil Trump dares to put America first and wants to reopen our country and revive the crumbling economy, which will “put people at risk” (of catching the virus with a 99.35% survival rate). They will use this as a premise to say we need a one world government so one rogue leader cannot halt global progress for the “greater good” (more emotionally manipulative virtue signaling. Love him or hate him, President Trump’s nationalist, America first policies are strongly hindering progress to the installation of a one world government.

The foreseeable future looks grim. Government officials are debating whether or not to open schools this fall; and the guidelines they are recommending will make public schools akin to concentration camps, where the students are dehumanized and told to avoid all socialization, skip recess, and wear face masks all day. Businesses are refusing service to individuals who don’t want to wear a mask (they will act the same way about the vaccine, just wait.).

Sporting events carry an eery vibe, with no fans and fake crowd noises playing through the speakers. People are treating this situation as if it is a zombie apocalypse and people are dropping dead in the streets.; all over a virus with a 99.35% survival rate. When you truly think about this, you can tell something is not quite right.

Seeing the Georgia Guidestones and the UN Agenda 21/30 plans for sustainable development, and comparing their end goals to the results of this plandemic, draws a sinister conclusion for even the most naive of individuals. To see how quickly this has steamrolled the One World Order Agenda is absolutely shocking and disheartening. The way they’ve divided the public is even more so. Some people are literally begging the government to force masks on people, shut down businesses, and implement societal restrictions so they can “feel safe”. This is an indicator of how well they’re psychological warfare is working on the American public, and we have a very uphill battle to fight if we expect things to return to normal (if whatever life was before Covid-19 could be considered normal).

It will take patience, courage, and willingness to take some heat for going against the grain; but we can turn the tide of this fight around and preserve our individual freedom, independence, and sovereignty.

The “elite” heavily rely on the fact that a majority of the public would rather focus on trivial issues (tv, movies, sports, video games, partying etc.). The key lies in spreading awareness to our fellow man. If we can reach a critical mass of informed individuals that refuse to put up with this corruption any longer, we can stand up and change the world overnight. If enough people cboose to pay attention and see what is truly going on behind the scenes, we may be able to reach critical mass and stop what is happening before it is too late.

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