Chicago PD: Looting and Riots Happened Because There Are No Consequences

The Superintendent of #Chicago Police dropped some hard truth today on why the riots and looting happened last night in Chicago.

He noted that the consequences aren’t his officers arresting them, but rather “the consequences are once prosecution and sentencing comes up, there’s no consequences.”

A reporter asks if Brown is saying that the courts and the prosecutors were not doing their jobs, but Brown suggests the reporter not take his word for it, but to just look at the public record of what has been done. Then Mayor lightfoot steps in and reprimands the reporter, telling him “don’t bait us”, adding “this is a serious situation, people are concerned about their safety.” She continued with the same message, saying there has to be consequences for these actions.

This from the same mayor who gave rioters who attacked police exactly what they wanted in taking down the Columbus statue in Grant Park. This from the same mayor who refused Trump’s help to backup the police, and then when she did agree to some federal agents coming in to help, she told her citizens to report anything they see these federal agents doing that they don’t think is right.

Just like Mayor De Blasio, she’s been a nightmare for Chicago, putting politics above the rule of law and the safety of her citizens. And now she wants to get serious? This happened because she hasn’t been serious up to this point! She’s got police too busy arresting people on the beach! #CivilUnrest #Destabilization

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