Billionaire fashion mogul Les Wexner has agreed to answer written deposition questions regarding Epstein

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Billionaire fashion mogul Les Wexner has agreed to answer written deposition questions to prove he had no knowledge of an extortion scheme by Jeffrey Epstein accuser Virginia Giuffre in a legal battle between her and Harvard law professor Alan Dershowitz.

In a newly unsealed letter to a Manhattan federal judge, Wexner’s attorneys said they offered as a compromise to have him answer written questions related to Dershowitz’s claim that Giuffre tried to extort money from him because of his ties to Epstein.

They added that Dershowitz viewed the proposal as “unacceptable” and they knew he would oppose their motion for the written deposition.

In a legal battle with Giuffre, Dershowitz is hoping to show that she tried to extort Wexner, the former head of Victoria’s Secret’s parent company who has ties to Epstein.

Giuffre, who says she was abused by Epstein in the early 2000s, alleged the multimillionaire pedophile lent her out to be abused by other powerful men in his orbit, including Dershowitz.

Giuffre sued Dershowitz for defamation, alleging he accused her of falsely claiming she was abused by him to extort money from Wexner.

In a recently unsealed June 2019 letter to Dershowitz’s attorney, Wexner’s attorney said he has no information that will support Dershowitz’s claim of an extortion plot against him.

“We believe Mr. Wexner has no non-privileged information relevant to a claim or defense on Mr. Dershowitz’s allegations of an extortion scheme,” the letter states.

“As for the remaining allegations in the Lawsuit, we believe Mr. Wexner’s deposition would impose an unreasonable burden on him as his testimony would not be relevant and/or proportional to the needs of the Lawsuits and, in fact, is at best merely inadmissible extrinsic, collateral evidence,” it adds.

They added in the letter that they’d be willing to make his attorney, John Zeiger, available for testimony.

Lawyers for Guiffre wrote in a separate letter that they would like the depositions to proceed because they believe it will prove Dershowitz falsely accused her of the extortion plot.

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The move comes as lawyers for Epstein’s estate are locked in an increasingly acrimonious duel with George, who filed a civil forfeiture lawsuit against the estate in January, five months after Epstein died while in a federal jail in New York. The complaint alleges that Epstein constructed a network of companies and individuals to enable and conceal his alleged sex-trafficking of girls and young women to Little St. James, his luxurious private island resort off the east coast of St. Thomas.